Auto Expert: How to replace a car fuse -

Auto Expert: How to replace a car fuse

Here is a way to cut down on car maintenance costs: Knowing how to change a blown fuse yourself instead of going to a repair shop can really save money, and our auto expert, Steve Strope, can tell you how!

What if the rear window wiper on your car stopped working? Locate the fuse and replace it. Now before you do that, you must know where the fuse box is. In your owner's manual, there's a schematic showing you which fuse goes in which cavity and what circuit it protects.

Remove the access door to your fuse box, and see that there's probably a schematic displayed there already, extra fuses, and a fuse puller. If your car doesn't have that, you could purchase a simple $5 kit with some different fuses in it.

"If I know I need to remove a 20-amp fuse for rear wipers, [I recommend a bigger kit]," says Steve. "I'm going to replace the fuse with our new one that the factory provided. Before we pop the panel back on, a test might be a good idea, and make sure this fuse change solved the problem."

For as little as a dollar and five minutes of your time, you can restore full electrical function to your vehicle.

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