Coupon Mom: Your shopping personality -

Coupon Mom: Your shopping personality

Did you know that your shopping personality could be costing you money at the grocery store? It's true! But whatever "type" of shopper you are, our Coupon Mom has some easy tips you can use to save money on your next trip to the supermarket.

Stephanie Nelson is the founder of and says people have different approaches to shopping for groceries.

"There are really three types of shopping personalities," says Stephanie. "But regardless of what your personality is, you can save money at the grocery store."

The first type of shopper is the "busy shopper," and that's the person who really doesn't have any time to spend planning the shopping trip and using coupons. That's okay. Your first step when you walk in the store is to stop and get the store ad and make a list on the fly. Start by looking at the front page, because generally speaking, the very best sales are on the front page.

Once you've made your list, Stephanie says stick to the perimeter of the store -- the dairy, meat and produce departments.

"You want to stay away from the expensive areas like the gourmet department, or the deli, or the bakery, where they have enticing displays of full-priced items," says Stephanie.

If you're a busy shopper, Stephanie says follow her "perimeter shopping only" advice and you could save 30 to 35 percent on your next grocery bill.

"Now the second kind of shopper is the 'rookie shopper,' and that's the shopper who's willing to spend maybe half an hour planning their shopping before they leave home," says Stephanie.

In addition to carefully choosing the sales from the circular, she suggests checking your fridge and pantry to make sure you don't buy items you already have, clipping coupons from the newspaper and printing additional coupons off the web.

"And by doing that you'll be able to save 50 percent on your groceries by only spending half an hour planning before you left home," says Stephanie.

Stephanie calls the third type of shopper the "varsity shopper."

"And that's the person who thinks this is a fun game. It's a sport, and they're willing to spend a lot of time if it means they can save a lot of money," says Stephanie.

She says the varsity shopper dissects multiple store sales flyers to cherry-pick the best deals, then adds their coupons on top of those, and brings extra coupons to the store in case of any unadvertised deals.

"You may spend a total of one to two hours a week as a varsity shopper, but you may save 80 percent on your grocery bill," says Stephanie.

So whatever your shopping personality is, remember what the Coupon Mom says … you can always find ways to save money at the grocery store!

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