Fancy a cat, or just a cat fancier? -

Fancy a cat, or just a cat fancier?

Did you know there are approximately 86,000,000 pet cats in the United States? Thirty-three percent of U.S. households own at least one cat.

We dropped in on one of the largest cat shows in the country for some insider tips on getting the most out of the family-friendly event.

Think you have to have a cat to go to a cat show? You don't! If you've got a curiosity about cats, are looking for a cat, or just want to have some feline family fun, then a cat show is purrrrrfect.

The Cat Fanciers Association governs shows across the country, with more than 40 recognized breeds that are evaluated based on the established standard for each breed.

While talking about a cat is welcomed, touching one without asking is definitely not. At a cat show, you may not walk up and just pet anybody's cat. Certain breeds require a lot of grooming and if they're going to go up to be judged, owners can't have sticky fingers running through the coats.

Breeders bring some of their nicest pets, because they are expecting a large number of people to come through the front gate. It's also a great place if you want to rescue a cat, because most cat shows provide a particular corner in their show for rescue groups.

So, if you fancy a cat or are just a cat fancier, going to a show like this is definitely the "cat's meow!"

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