Trash to Treasure: German Luger -

Trash to Treasure: German Luger

Gun collectors around the country are always shooting to find rare and valuable firearms. One of the most treasured is the Luger pistol, famous for its use by the Germans in both World Wars.

Michael Roman has been collecting historic guns for more than 40 years and has several German Lugers in his collection.

"This gun is probably the most recognized pistol in history," says Michael. "It was carried primarily by officers. In World War II, if the Germans caught a G.I. carrying one of these, he was automatically shot. So it became a very prized possession, but at the same time a very dangerous souvenir to bring back from the war."

"The way you can tell this is a Luger is there's a certain design to it. The guns are stamped with various hallmarks from the manufacturers where they were inspected. Lugers are made so precisely that all the parts have matching serial numbers," says Michael.

Michael says Lugers often have their date of manufacture on the top.

"A lot of Lugers that you see nowadays have been reconditioned or 'reblued,' as they call it. That usually cuts the value by at least 50 percent. So if you find a Luger, you want to keep it as original as possible," says Michael. "On the average, your typical Luger would sell for $5,000 if it's a pretty nice one. "

So keep your sites set for the German Lugar. And if you find one in excellent condition at a bargain price – grab it!

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