Renting an RV -

Renting an RV

More and more people are buying RVs, but a lot of people are also renting them. So our auto expert, Steve Strope, hitched a ride to reveal what you need to know before hitting the road in a rented motor home.

Shannon Nill, president of Guaranty RV Super Centers in Eugene, Oregon, says a motorhome rental can be an affordable and comfortable way to vacation with your family under the right circumstances. 

So what does she recommend to a first-time RV renter?

"Right-sizing the selection of the RV to match your family, and for starters that has to do with how many beds the unit will sleep," says Nill. "The most popular rental choice is the Class C rental. That's the type that has the van front-end and that's very comfortable for people to drive. And it's also the least expensive to rent!"

For somebody renting an RV and going out for a week, Nill says the cost is about $200 a day for a Class C, so $1,400 bucks a week.

You're probably going to go through one or two tanks of gas, depending on how far from home you're going. You're probably taking your own food and cooking the kind of things that your family is most interested in eating together.

"The number one mistake to avoid is renting something bigger than you're comfortable driving," adds Nill. "RVs don't require a permit to drive them, but training is important and needed." 

These days, RV's have quite a few high-tech features and are simple to operate once you've learned how.

"We recommend renting an RV from a reputable RV dealer who carries new and used products who has been around for 20 years plus," says Nill. "You want to do it with an outfit that's going to give you some hand-holding, instruction, and able to answer all your questions adequately."

So if you're looking for a room with a view, wherever that view may be, you just might want to get there in a motorhome!

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