Recycle your old dish rack -

Recycle your old dish rack

If you've got an old dish rack sitting around, don't throw it away! Our organizing expert, Zorianna Kit, says you can use them to straighten up outside of the kitchen.

"I'm always looking for ways to re-use or recycle items around the house rather than just throwing them away. And if that item helps me stay organized, well that's even better," says Zorianna.

Take a typical dish rack...why would you want to go to an office supply store and buy something when you can turn a dish rack into a portable organizer?

"The great thing about a dish rack is that it's lightweight and it keeps items standing straight up, almost like a filing system," says Zorianna. 

It can even become an easy place to keep tax receipts organized throughout the year. Just take a few manila folders, staple the sides closed, label them and place them in the rack, and at tax time, your dish rack will save you some time and energy!

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