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Beauty and the Beard

Look though any celebrity magazine and you'll see more and more movie stars with fashionable facial hair. Now a lot of guys want it, but they just can't get past the stubble.

Many men just don't know where to begin, so America Now Beauty Expert Jessica Metivier interviewed Mohawk Matt, owner of Bolt Barbers in Los Angeles.

JESSICA: Matt, I know that the best haircuts really compliment your face shape, but does the same go for your facial hair?

MATT: Facial structure can and should govern what type of facial hair you're rocking and the generally accepted belief here is to try to soften or subdue or minimize some prominent facial features through the facial hair. I like to do just the opposite. I like to accentuate it, so you have a protruding chin, let's leave a patch of hair right at the bottom. A soul patch, a chinstrap or a goatee and let the eye go right there.

JESSICA: So you've picked out the facial hair that you want for your facial shape. But you need some hair to start with. How long do you wait before you really start shaping it?

MATT: It's a two-week commitment. During the two weeks, you're basically letting your hair grow out, and you're really not trimming it; you're not styling it. What you can do, though, because it will itch, is you condition it. So when you're in the shower, put on a lot of conditioner, rub it in, soften it up and it'll wear a little bit better. But you really need that two weeks and then you're going to be able to really style it into something that's awesome and spectacular.  

JESSICA: Now what are you going to do?

MATT: You want to go directly to a barber and have him shape it, get the symmetry right, get the style right, get the look right. You can always follow those lines thereafter and shape it up yourself at home. But have the barber do it the first time. That's the most important time.  

JESSICA: What do you have to do to maintain that?

MATT: Buy yourself a good set of hair clippers to cut the length of the hair on the beard, but then the other thing you need is a good set of T Outliners, which will cut the lines into the beard and keep the lines looking crisp. And those two clippers will keep you looking neat and fresh and clean.

As you can see, there's more to growing facial hair then just not shaving. But before you put down the razor, consider the look that you want and then just go for it. If you don't like it, you can always shave it off!  

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