Create your own first aid kits -

Create your own first aid kits

How many times have you tossed out one of those small vinyl zipper bags but wondered if there were something else you could use it for? Our organizing expert Zorianna Kit shows us how to recycle those bags into something we should all have at home, in the car and at the office - a first aid kit.

"I'm always on the look-out for ways to re-use and re-purpose items, especially if they help keep me organized," says Zorianna. "Over the years, I've received all sorts of little gift items that come in small, zippered, vinyl bags that are perfect to re-use as mini kits!"

These new are kits can go in the car, in the backpack, different places in your home, at work -- you never know when somebody might need something that's in it.

Making these kits really doesn't require spending extra money if you have a few basic items around the house: Bandages, ointment, medical tape, scissors, gauze, etc. They also make great practical gifts for college students or seniors.

"The plastic is clear so you can see exactly what items you need. It's very easy to get to, and most of all, it's small," says Zorianna.

Another idea is to create an office supply kit for the car.

"I can include everything, from pens and paper...I even keep a business card, tape, Krazy glue and by keeping it in the glove compartment, it's tucked away," says Zorianna.
So whatever type of kit you need, Zorianna says to re-purpose a small vinyl zip-bag and you can create a newly organized and mobile kit yourself!

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