Glass bottles and boots -

Give glass the boot!

We've got a tip that might lighten up your recycle bin. Our organizing expert, Zorianna Kit, says don't give the boot to your used glass bottles—like the tall ones from wine or sparkling water—instead, it's the other way around!  

Here's the problem: You've got boots in your closet but they keep flopping over, creating a disorganized mess. So Zorianna's solution is to put glass bottles into the boot, making them stand upright and keeping their shape.

You can use everything from wine bottles to glass water bottles to sparkling water bottles. As long as it's glass, it works.

"I've gone through so many ways to try to keep them upright," says Zorianna. "I have stuffed newspaper in them. I have even hung them in my closet. Nothing seems to work, but when I put the glass bottle in, it's perfect! Not only does everything look right, but look at the amount of space you've created."

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