Susan Feniger's Fried Spinach -

Susan Feniger's Fried Spinach

As promised, here is a recipe from Chef Susan Feniger. For this segment she's sharing her Fried Spinach recipe...

Fried Spinach

Serves 6

3 bunches spinach, stems removed
1 quart vegetable oil
salt to taste

Wash spinach leaves thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels.  Heat oil in a large stockpot or saucepan to deep-fry temperature (350 F).  Fry a small handful of leaves at a time, until crisp, about 30 seconds.  (Stand as far away as possible, since the water in spinach is bound to cause some splattering.)  Remove with a slotted spoon, drain on paper towels and sprinkle with salt.  Serve immediately or reserve up to 2 hours at room temperature.

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