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Which glass makes you drink faster?

According to recent data, overall U.S. beer sales are nearly 200 million barrels per year. But a new study has revealed people drink beer faster depending on the shape of the glass it's in.

An actual research study out of the United Kingdom took a look at which glass has people tipping it back quicker...in turn getting drunk quicker. 

The study watched 159 social drinkers, and it turns out those who drank out of a straight glass took roughly 13 minutes to finish a beer. Those with the curved glass took about eight minutes. 

The researchers came up with one guess as to why and it comes down to the half way point. In the straight glass, you can see when you are half way done. Sort of pacing yourself. But in the curved glass, it's much harder to tell when you're halfway finished.

The study is aimed at alcoholism and why people drink faster in some situations and perhaps suggesting one shape of glass to slow down people's drinking.

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