Getting the best out of a 'bundle' -

Getting the best out of a 'bundle'

Internet. TV. Phone. Bundle them, and you might have yourself a bargain.

Bundling is smart. Bundling is convenient. But bundling can be a bummer if you're tied to a long-term contract.

Let's say you find a great deal on a smartphone. You want to upgrade the cell phone portion of your bundle. A provider's offering an upgrade with a better sign-up fee and monthly rate, but your bundle won't let you break your long-term contract.

Bye, bye, upgrade.

So this is how you can get the best out of a bundle deal, according to our friends at the General Services Administration's Federal Citizen Information Center:

  • AVOID LONG-TERM CONTRACTS WHEN POSSIBLE. Ask the bundle's provider if you can keep it to one year and if it can be renewed at the same rate.
  • BE WARY OF SPECIAL PROMOTIONS like introductory pricing. It may not include taxes and fees.
  • Ask the provider to DISCLOSE ALL SPECIAL CHARGES, including those taxes and fees.
  • Ask if you'll NEED SPECIAL EQUIPMENT to accommodate the bundle and whether that costs extra.

Also, some bundle deals are only available online. You might have to go to a website to order the bundle.

That's fine, but you should still call the provider first. Ask all those questions about promotions, charges and equipment, then ask to see the service agreement before you bundle.

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