Pet Pro: Doggy door training -

Pet Pro: Doggy door training

Training your dog to use one of those convenient "pet doors" properly is easier said than done!

Leeza Gibbons invited America Now Pet Pro Luciano Aguilar to her house to teach her new dog, Biggie, the ins and outs of doggy doors.

"The dog is scared of the actual door, so he's not going to want to push through it," Luciano explains. "What you need to make this a successful experience for the dog is two people - we have that - the leash, and some treats. What I'm going to do is take the leash and I'm going to feed it through the door and you're actually going to reel him in, telling him to come."

Luciano stays inside while Leeza waits outside the doggy door. Slowly but surely, she successfully reels Biggie through the little door and rewards him with a treat.

"Dogs learn through repetition, so just keep it up, don't give up, practice, practice, practice and in time he'll be coming in and out without a problem," says Luciano.

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