Using Facebook to lose weight, get in shape -

Can Facebook help you lose weight?

Social media is changing our daily lives, from how we're getting the news, to meeting and keeping in touch with people -- and now, how we're losing weight.

Dieting can be a long, boring and lonely process, but a Tucson man wants to motivate you. He promises you can lose weight and keep your spirits up on the Facebook Diet.

Mike Wise has been battling with his weight for years, peaking at 363 pounds.

"I can remember thinking, 'Oh man, I never want to be over 300 pounds. I can be big, but as long as I'm not over 300, that's OK,'" he says. "Then I hit 300, 310, 320, 340 and I was like 'Man, I hope I'm never 400 pounds.'"

Then Wise decided to make some major lifestyle changes. He started dieting and working out and posting it on Facebook. He's now 40 pounds lighter.

"Things that I'm doing now, I just can't believe I'm doing them. Walking, lifting weights. I'm in a band and I can be a lot more energetic when I'm singing," he says.

He admits he couldn't have done it without help from his 500-plus Facebook friends.

"It wasn't too long ago when I walked my first three miles and people were just surrounding me. 'You're so awesome,' 'way to go,' and it's just amazing when people want to be a part of something you're doing," Wise notes.

So it's not all about counting calories and cutting carbs; Wise says the Facebook Diet works by providing support, encouragement, and motivation. His goal is to be a more active, happier and healthier person, but with more help from his friends, he also hopes to make it under 300 pounds.

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