Tips for a beautiful landscape -

Beautiful landscaping on a budget

Lots of people try their hand at "do it yourself" landscaping, but the frustrations - and costs - can add up fast. Here are some tips on what to buy and how to save money when buying for that gorgeous home garden.

Doug Hensel, manager of the Great Big Greenhouse, shows us how to make your plant budget go further.

Hensel said bulbs are an inexpensive choice, because "you can enjoy these year after year after year, so you really get your money's worth planting bulbs."

Buying in bulk will lower the price per bulb.

Perennials come back every year. Some varieties start to spread out within the first two years of being in the ground.

And don't discount the clearance section.

"This perennial here is not only marked down because it's out of season, it's a rubeckia. But also I can see where I can divide this plant two or three different times before I even plant it. Because fall is when you want to divide your perennials and spread them out," Hensel says.

Another tip: Doug suggests leaving pine needles in your mulch and not raking them out because the natural decomposition adds nutrients to the soil.

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