Saving money on brand name drugs -

Discounts on name-brand drugs

Drug makers have been offering coupons for years to try to attract patients who are on rival brands. Now they're using them to compete with the generics as well.

Many insurance companies charge you a fee to stay on a name-brand drug, if a similar generic is available.

So now drug-makers are offering patients big discounts to try to keep their customers brand-loyal.  Some of those discounts mean patients' out-of-pocket expense is now equal to, or less than the cost of a generic.

But some drug discount programs will only last for a limited time, at which point the brand name med becomes more expensive than the generic. The only way to know for sure is to compare prices.

Insurance companies, of course, don't like this because they're absorbing that extra cost, and they say, this could ultimately mean higher costs for everybody.

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