Tools to make DIY simpler -

Tools to make DIY simpler

If you have a toolbox at home, chances are you've got a hammer, a screwdriver and maybe a pair of pliers in it. But our America Now home improvement expert, Dailyn Matthews, says there are important tools beyond the basics you should consider.

"I know it sounds simple, but I swear by a good pair of work gloves," says Dailyn. "They protect my hands from cuts and splinters and they make handling all kinds of materials from metal to wood a whole lot safer."

She adds that your gloves should have grip material on the palm and they should fit snugly.

Next is the claw grabber.

"It's perfect for items that are just out of reach, you know, the sock behind the dryer or the bolt behind the workbench. Trust me, you will find a use for it," says Dailyn.

The little saw is also a handy item.

"The smaller saws are great for cutting PVC pipe for a sprinkler system, or a wooden rod for your closet, or even to shorten a metal bolt," says Matthews. "They have sharp, interchangeable blades and they're great for cutting metal, plastic or wood. So they're a great all-around saw." 

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