New apps can help you catch a cell phone thief -


New apps can help you catch a cell phone thief

We've all misplaced our phones. Often, it's just in a weird spot at home or work. But sometimes it's really in someone else's hands.

You can use a location service, but often that's not enough to get your phone back. Some ingenious app developers have gone a step further to stop would be thieves from running off with phones permanently. 

America Now's cyber expert Theresa Payton explains how it works and why you just might want an app for that:


The great thing about these apps is they are low cost and if you get an email with a picture of your dog or toddler you will know who the thief is.  But what about when it's not at home or at work and is really lost?

Well, if a do-gooder or even would be thief tries to unlock your phone, there are apps out there that will:

1.  Take a picture

2.  Grab the geographic location

3.  Send an email to a predetermined email address to notify you

Previously, most apps would just show you on a map where your phone was located.  However, if a savvy thief knows you might be looking, they could put the phone in airplane mode as a work around. 



Best Phone Security Pro By RV AppStudios LLC    

Lookout - By Lookout, Inc.  

Norton Anti-Theft  

Thief Face Trap Mini  

GadgetTrak (also available for Mac laptops!)   

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