Non-toxic ways to keep termites from bringing your house down -


Non-toxic ways to keep termites from bringing your house down

Termites are some of the most destructive pests in America. In fact, Americans spend about $5 billion per year trying to control them.

Sue Fries is well known as "the termite lady" and owns Ecola Termite and Pest Management Services.

Fries says, "There is more damage caused by termites than any natural disaster. Termites can live inside a piece of wood for up to five years without you knowing that they're there."

Fries says it's not just older homes that are at risk. "When you buy a new constructed home, a lot of time people think, "I don't have to worry about this right now because it's brand new." But the wood that they built the house with has been sitting somewhere for some period of time and the termites will infest that wood before it reaches your home."

Fries says you can nip a termite problem in the bud by recognizing the warning signs early, which include droppings that look like coffee grounds, and small tunnels and holes.

Whenever Fries spots any of these signs, she zaps the area with her 90,000-volt electro gun.

"Termites are made up from anywhere of 85-95% water. Electrical current is looking for water and it zaps the termite," explains Fries. 

For more extensive infestations, Fries prefers a heat treatment over traditional fumigation because it's chemical-free.

"The beauty of heat is that it cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes. It kills the eggs, not just the adults. And it's an 8-hour to 10-hour process, whereas fumigation is a 3-to-4 day process," says Fries. 

So if you think you have termites, don't wait to solve the problem because an infestation left untreated can literally eat you out of house and home.

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