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What to do if a dog attacks you

Dog bites happen more than you might think. In fact, 800,000 Americans seek medical attention for dog bite injuries each year.

America Now pet pro Luciano Aguilar says most victims never see the attack coming. "The first thing to know is that dog bites often happen without warning. And knowing what to do can literally save your life! Dog bite videos are all over YouTube. And the footage is often shocking. But you can protect yourself and even avoid injury."

The first rule during a dog attack is: don't run. You can't outrun a dog. Plus, running triggers hunting instincts and dogs will chase you. So stand your ground. Next, create a barrier to block the attack. Anything nearby—a briefcase, a backpack, even a heavy coat can help prevent a bite.

"If a dog does bite you, keep your cool and take the bite. Because trying to shake the dog off can make an injury much worse. Remember, dog jaws are strong enough to break bones," says Aguilar.

If a dog clamps down on you, fight back. But don't hit him on his head or nose. It won't work, and you could break your hand trying. Instead, grab one of the dog's front paws and twist—hard. This is a really tender area, and the dog should release you right away. 

"So remember, if a dog attacks, never run," says Aguilar, "Stand your ground and create a barrier to block the bite. If he does bite you, don't try shaking him off. Fight back by twisting a front paw. Following these steps can help avoid or reduce a dog bite injury—and maybe even save your life."  

After a dog bite, get the vaccination records for the dog. If a stray dog bites you, call 911 right away. Either way, see a doctor, because contrary to popular belief, a dog's mouth isn't the cleanest place on Earth. There's tartar and bacteria in there, and bite wounds can easily get infected.

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