The best way to prevent morning neck pain -

The best way to prevent morning neck pain

In any one year, one-third of Americans suffer from neck pain – and 15% of all Americans suffer from chronic neck pain.

"If you suffer from neck pain, it could have a lot to do with how you wake up in the morning. Whether you drag yourself out of bed, or bound out of bed and hit the ground running like I do, chances are you are doing it all wrong," says Hall.

They pull up on their head and they strain the muscles of the neck. There is a better way. Now imagine you're lying in bed. You're going to roll to the side, and let your bottom elbow be your pillow. The top hand then comes onto the mattress. Press up with your hands, and let your head come up last. That way you're not straining the muscles of your neck. You're using the stronger muscles of your core, which include your abs and your back.

"When I teach this technique to my yoga students. They report that their neck pain is gone. It's easy, it's effective, and I hope that you'll try it too. It's another of my little changes that can have a big impact on your well-being," explains Hall.

Another great way is to buy a neck pillow, but if you don't want to lay down the cash, just look for a pillow that's not too hard, not too soft, just right.

Hall says, "The key is to make sure that your chin is not pressed against your chest. And you're not hyper-extending your neck. Try out a few different pillows, and see what works best for you." 

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