Repurposing wine corks -

Repurposing wine corks

You know all about recycling, but have you heard of "upcycling"? Our organizing expert Zorianna Kit has some tips on how to turn an "everyday throwaway" into something new and useful.

If you're a wine drinker, once you've pulled the cork, you usually toss it. Next time, hold on to them. They can be repurposed and made into items you will love.

The first item is called the corky key chain. To make it, just put a small screw eye ring into the middle of one end of a clean cork. Then add a metal key ring to the "eye" of the screw and you have a corky key chain. These fun little items are great for turning memorable occasions into sentimental gifts. 

Another great item is a corky plant label for all you garden lovers. All you need are a few corks, some wooden skewers and a waterproof marker. Push the pointed end of a wooden skewer up into a cork to secure it. Then using a marker, write what you planted on the cork. It's a waterproof, sturdy way to ID what you're growing.

The last item from Zorianna is a decorative candle centerpiece. To make this creative item start with a low, large clear glass vase. Place a smaller clear glass candleholder inside. Then fill the space in-between them with as many wine corks as will fit. Add a candle and you're all done. 

The next time you open a bottle of wine, don't toss that cork. Corks are not recyclable, so use these repurposing ideas to stay green. One last tip is to find a company that does recycle cork into items such as flooring.

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