Tips for saving money when stretching every dollar -


Tips for saving money when stretching every dollar

Lots of people have trouble saving money because monthly bills just drain them dry. Here are some tips you can bank on to help cut costs and help you save money.

When it comes to cash, financial adviser Tony Walker says you have to be realistic. "We always suggest to people, first of all, clarify your vision. What is it you want to do?"

Start with making a one-year goal that's doable this year. Most people want to pay off a credit card or have a certain amount of money added to a savings account.

And you can do it without a fancy budget. Walker says budgets are often overwhelming and tough to stick to. Instead, simply look at your cost, things that you can immediately do to reduce necessary bills.

"Call your insurance agency. Ask about your home, your auto. Look at your deductibles. Look at things like life insurance, term life insurance. Really look at things that maybe you don't need or at least you can improve upon," says Walker.

When planning for the future, walker takes a 5-step path. It starts with being realistic. Assess your situation, commit, then implement.

The final step?

Walker says, "Figure out a way how you're gonna monitor your progress on a regular basis. If you'll do those 5 steps, you'll feel like you're more confident and on your way to accomplishing your objectives."

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