Training your dog to walk backwards -

Training your dog to walk backwards

Teaching your dog to walk backwards is a ton of fun. But more importantly, it could even save his life. Our pet pro Luciano Aguilar walks us through one example every dog owner should know.

This is a trick you can teach your dog that's a ton of fun—and great exercise, too. But much more than that, it could also save his life, "walk backwards." Dogs who know this trick are better prepared to survive both dangerous and potentially deadly situations.

Before teaching your dog to walk backwards, he'll need to learn the "front" command. Make sure your dog is on-leash, and use the command to position him right in front of you. Now, step into your dog so you're crowding him. This will look weird, but it's really important because your dog's going to jump back to get out of your way. And that's the key behavior.

Because you can associate jumping back with a command called "reverse." Simply reward the behavior with a treat. Eventually, you'll be able to run backwards together.  

But the trick also helps keep your dog out of trouble. Like backing away from plants that could be poisonous or even rattlesnakes out on the trail. These dangers occur more often than you'd think.

Another example is getting your dog out of the street if he ever breaks away from you while playing or taking a walk. Walking backwards in these scenarios could literally save your dog's life.   

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