Tips to make you look (and feel) great -

Tips to make you look (and feel) great

Our wellness expert, Peggy Hall, recently asked our beauty expert, Jessica Metivier, for some professional help with her on-camera makeup. So we sent a camera behind-the-scenes to see if we could pick up any tricks of the trade.

Eye makeup can define whether your look is plain and natural, or daring and dramatic. Metivier says, "Just blending the eye shadow that I just put on her, right into her crease. I'm using a nice fluffy brush to make sure it distributes evenly."

Makeup for the camera is different than what you would wear every day.

"Being a blonde, you know my brows are quite light. The camera is not the same as the human eye and what you see on TV is not the same as you see in person," explains Peggy.

Metivier says that the camera "washes things out and makes things really flat." So some highlighted eyelashes and lipstick can make you look fresh and bright.

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