Scam Alert: Used car odometer fraud -


Scam Alert: Used car odometer fraud

When 18-year-old Amanda Cooper was looking for a car, she needed one that would be dependable. It needed to be able to take her on the 45 minute trip to school.

"I needed a car that could get me there, and it's on the country roads so I wanted to get a 4x4, and something with low miles because I was going to be putting a lot of miles on it," said Cooper.

She found a posting on Craigslist, selling a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer with only 44,000 miles on it. Amanda was able to buy the car with the money she saved up from working all summer at a nursing home.  When she took it to get an E-check, she discovered she had been taken for a ride.

"When I went to go get the E-check, they said an E-check was already done, and I didn't have to get one and they would print out the copy from the last one done and the E-check mileage paper said 170,000 something," said Cooper.

The Carfax report confirmed it. Even worse, she couldn't get the title because the seller forged a fake copy of it. The car sits in her driveway - a $5,000 lawn ornament. Not to mention the value of the car is down $3,000.

Chris Basso from Carfax says this is one of the dangers of buying a car online, but their reports can help detect odometer fraud.

Basso says, "One of the first steps you want to avoid any odometer fraud is to go to, there for free, you can type in your 17 digit VIN and we'll tell you if any intentional odometer roll back exists for the car you want to buy.

Around 450,000 people are victims of odometer fraud each year. It has gone up 57% from 2007 because more people are buying inexpensive cars.

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