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Police say engrave big ticket items in case of theft

If your television was stolen, would you be able to identify it?

Certainly no one wants their expensive purchases stolen, but it can happen.  And if it does, police say recovering those items starts with you.

Many times people report a burglary and then do not have identifying numbers or features to give to police to help them track down their merchandise.

Assistant Police Chief Jamie Smith said people should take the time to inventory their home and write down serial numbers of anything of value in the home. That way if it's stolen, numbers can be given to police to see if they match numbers in a nationwide database.

However, if your merchandise does not have a serial number, you should engrave the item.

"The last four digits of your social security number, your driver's license number, your last name, put some kind of identifying feature on there so if a police officer does recover it, it can be easily identified," Smith said.

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