Do you think to clean your dishwasher? -

Do you think to clean your dishwasher?

Many of us never think about cleaning the inside of our dishwashers. Home dishwashers sanitize our dishes with average water temperatures a scalding 158 degrees. So why doesn't that sanitize itself?  

Our home improvement expert, Dailyn Matthews gives us the tips you need to help your dishwasher stay clean and sanitary.

In order for your dishwasher to do a great job, you need to clean the inside. A dirty dishwasher won't get your dishes as clean as they could be, and can shorten the life of your appliance.  

First, inspect the bottom reservoir. There may be food particles in the trap. You'll want to clean this up. 

Matthews says, "On my model I can take mine apart and wash it in the sink. But if you're worried you won't remember how to reassemble it; take a picture first."

Next check the gasket seal. Now this is where you may find some mildew. Use hot soapy water to clean it. If the mildew remains use hydrogen peroxide to kill it. Rubbing in some petroleum jelly will protect the seal and keep it soft and pliable.

To make your interior sparkling clean, place one cup of vinegar in the top rack and run the dishwasher empty for a full cycle. This will help get rid of soap scum and lime build-up that can prevent your dishwasher from running at peak efficiency.

Do that every couple of months, and you'll have spotless dishes, and a clean, well-running dishwasher.

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