British entertainer Lulu shares skin care tips with Leeza -

British entertainer Lulu shares skin care tips with Leeza

Lulu's hit single from the 1967 movie "To Sir With Love" turned her into a teenage singing sensation. Over the years, she became a hugely popular British entertainer.

Now, she has her own line of successful skin care products called Time Bomb. Lulu is now sharing her number one tip on how to have younger-looking skin.

She came out with a great line that was created especially to target aging skin.

Lulu says, "After, I think, the age of 35-40, it's not just about cleaning the make-up off or the dirt off. You can't just do it with any old cleaner, the best thing for it is magnesium oxide crystals. And we have that in this cleanser because it just doesn't take the make-up off, it takes the dead, dried cells off."

They use these crystals in professional dermabrasion. It specifically targets the outside layer of the skin that needs to come off.

"The dry skin that comes off when you're young, it sloughs itself off, by itself. But as we get older, it stays. It's like a bark of a tree, if you think about it," explains Lulu.

It makes your skin dull, gray, and gives the look of lines.

"And when you do take it off, there's new skin under there that's fresh. And then you're ready for your moisturizers and whatever else you want to put on. But if you don't take it off? I'm sorry, you'll look like an old prune," says Lulu.

So the next time you hit the skincare aisle, look for a cleanser that contains magnesium oxide crystals. Off with the old, in with the new!

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