Could drinking soda be linked to depression? -


Could drinking soda be linked to depression?

The National Institutes of Health studied over 260,000 people and asked them about their soda consumption and feelings of well-being.

Cleveland Clinic psychologist, Dr. Mike McKee didn't take part in the study, but explains that what you drink could be linked to how you feel.

"If you were drinking four or more sodas a day you were 30% more likely to develop depression than those who didn't drink soda. If you drank fruit punch, 38% more likely, if you had 4 or more a day, which is a lot of this stuff," says McKee

Four or more sodas a day increased the study participants' chances of being depressed by nearly a third. And the news isn't better for diet soda drinkers.

"What I think will surprise a lot of people is the fact that the diet drinks were even worse in their impact than just the plain sugar drinks, so you were more likely to get depression," says McKee.

And while it isn't proven that soda consumption causes depression, the study definitely links the two. So researchers are recommending reducing or cutting out soda altogether. 

"There are other risks to the drinks- added weight, added calories, and sugar and too much can throw off your whole hormone system and put you at greater risk for diabetes," says McKee.

And here's an interesting footnote to the study…researchers found drinking the same amount of coffee—four cups daily-- may lower your risk of depression by ten percent.

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