Is your boss tracking you during the workday? -


Is your boss tracking you during the workday?

Companies are turning to technology to monitor their employee whereabouts and productivity.  This could be beneficial, but is that data collected about you really safe? And what about your privacy? 

One large company wanted to see if in person, face-to-face time versus working at home mattered so they had their employees wear badges that had tiny sensors installed.  The sensors recorded their movements AND the tone of their conversations. 

America Now's cyber expert Theresa Payton helps us understand how companies are using this technology and what you need to know to protect your security and privacy:

Companies are using tracking devices that gather real time information on how teams work together, interact and how productive they are.  For companies on the leading edge of this trend, they have show that the most productive teams are close knit and speak frequently in person.

Where the sensors may hide at work:

1.  worn on your badge

2.  in your office furniture such as a chair or a desk so it knows when you "leave"

3.  integration of email traffic matched with recent company news

4.  on doorways to the building, offices, break rooms, and conference rooms

What can they tell?

1.  your overall voice tone

2.  engagement in the current meeting that you are attending

3.  one company that does this work says they can tell if an employee is likely to leave a company based on their behavior patterns on the sensors

4.  sensors in meeting rooms that know when your badge enters / leaves the room

What should employers do?

1.  Don't be creepy about it - tell your employees you are deploying the sensors and why

2.  Before you embark on a plan to collect and analyze this data, think first about how you will protect individual privacy and security of the data

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