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Transcendental Meditation: No effort, big rewards

Sit in the lotus position and empty your mind - that's not the type of meditation we're talking about. TM, or transcendental meditation, is a mental technique that takes no effort but reaps big rewards.

Dr. Oz, Ellen Degeneres and Oprah are among the celebrities who regularly practice TM. But why does it work?

Stellavera Kilcher is a certified TM instructor. She says, "The brain wave coherence side to side and front to front is what people usually only experience in great 'Aha!' moments, when people are in the zone."

Studies show that during transcendental meditation, 100% of the brain goes "online." That brain function has been shown to linger into activity. "The research has escalated annually to the point where now there's over 700 scientific research studies that have been done at 350 research institutions around the world. There's a broad range all the way from brain potential development to decreasing violence, high blood pressure, health, a lot of variety in terms of the research," said Stellavera.

Inner city schools that practice TM have seen a boost in GPA, test scores and graduation rates. Dr. Michael Olmstead is also a certified TM instructor. He says, "Students having a greater ability to concentrate. People staying more focused, being happier just day by day and not changing anything in their lives but they just find their lives much more fulfilling."

Army veteran Anthony Sedillo has been doing TM for 6 months now. He says it helps. "I started doing TM for various reasons, one of them because I was in the Army, and I probably didn't even realize how much PTSD I had. I think it happens at an unconscious level as would your knee jerk reaction to something. You're more aware of things, or at least I am from my experience I'm more aware of my actions, my reaction."

So how does one achieve this level of restful alertness? "It's a very effortless, simple and natural technique, it doesn't require concentration, we don't contemplate we just utilize the natural tendency of the mind. The mind is getting quieter. It finally gets to the quietest possible level and the body also gets quieter achieving a level of rest nearly twice as deep as sleep," they said.

The mental technique is portable and can be practiced anywhere. Just do it twice a day for 20 minutes. Learning the technique requires private instruction an hour and a half for four consecutive days.

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