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Hackers are now targeting your mobile phones and tablets

It's not just computers that hackers are targeting, now they have their eyes set on your cell phones and tablets. Leanne Karlgut didn't know her phone had a virus until one day in the middle of a quiet auditorium.

"My phone started singing a song and that song had a couple of curse words in it and I, there's no way I could make is stop," (sic) said Karlgut.

Imagine explicit music blaring from your phone during a job interview or church. It's happening at an alarming rate. Cyber security experts say nearly 50% of all smart phones and tablets are already infected. We spoke with Ondrey Williams who is a store manager for Verizon and he explained why the trend is gaining popularity.

"More hackers are targeting mobile devices because the know nowadays that your smart phone is your source of Internet," said Williams.

Click on a poison link, text, or download an infected app and your phone is zapped with malware. Some vicious viruses install key logging software which allows crooks to record every text or email you write and every password you enter.

George Walker with StrikeForce Technologies says, "I could get your banking credentials and essentially go into your bank and act as you."

Another prediction -- an increase in mobile ransomware. That's where the malware hi-jacks and freezes your device until you pay a fee. If you use a mobile wallet app, some experts worry when you tap and pay, using your phone, criminals could intercept that short wave radio chip transmission, which sends your credit card information from the phone to a retailer. There's also a way for crooks to program a smart phone to pick up chip signals directly from a credit card and you wouldn't have a clue.

So how can you protect yourself? Some phone companies offer a mobile security app that sends out alerts if you get a suspicious email, text or if the phone is lost or stole. You can also do a factory reset.

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