How to properly roll & clean your yoga mat -

How to properly roll & clean your yoga mat

Peggy Hall explains how the exercise mats that most people use to stay fit can actually make you sick. Here are some things you need to know before your next workout.

If you use a yoga mat for exercise, you could be putting your health at risk. Here's why. Most people when they're done exercising will roll up their mat in a manner that is picking up all of the dirt and the germs and depositing it right on the surface of the mat. This makes your mat completely unsanitary. Instead fold the mat in half first, and then roll it up. This protects the top surface of the mat from all of the dirt and the germs and grime that is on the floor. 

Never put your yoga mat in the washer or dryer, because that just makes it wear out faster. You can just let it air out a few times a week. For any dirty spots, you can just wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

"What I like to do is use my own anti-bacterial spray by taking a few drops of essential oils, and placing that in a spray bottle. Shake it up well. Spritz it across the surface of the mat, and then place it in the sunlight because sunshine is a natural sanitizer and that is all you need to keep your mat clean," Hall explains.

If you take some time to take care of your mat, your mat will take care of you.

We asked Peggy how often you should replace your yoga mat.

She says, "Well, a yoga mat can last a couple of years or more, if you use my tips for folding it correctly and keeping it clean. The only time I've had to replace a mat earlier was when my dog Teddy got a hold of one and shredded it to bits. Now I've learned to keep my yoga mat out of her reach."

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