How to remove a stuck light bulb -

How to remove a stuck light bulb

Now a lot of people have had this problem. A light bulb stuck in the socket or broken off at the base.

You may have heard about using a raw, cut potato to get those broken light bulbs out of the socket. But does that really work?

Our home improvement expert Dailyn Matthews recommends against using a potato, saying, "Using a raw potato can introduce moisture into the socket and cause a short. But I've got some great tips about how to unstick a stuck light bulb."

First, when working with anything electrical, turn off the switch, unplug the lamp or turn off the flow of power at the breaker box. Put on a pair of sturdy work gloves, and of course eye protection.

If the bulb won't come out, try using a rubber jar opener - hold it close to the base of the bulb, and gently try to loosen it, but don't apply too much pressure. Let's say you've pressed too hard, and the bulb breaks off in your hand, or you're left with the base stuck in the socket. No need to panic!

Again make sure the electricity is turned off. You might want to create a little more access for yourself by removing the harp or the shade support. Then take some needle nosed pliers; insert them into the base of the bulb. Open the end creating outward pressure and twist. If that doesn't work try using a wad of duct tape. Push down onto the base, and unscrew. And there we are.

To prevent bulbs from sticking in the first place, simply wipe the base of the bulb and the socket before putting it in.

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