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On your next trip, look out for sneaky 'tourist taxes'

Hotel and resort fees can be particularly sneaky.

Consumer Reports Money Adviser Magazine says the hospitality industry often justifies hiding or disguising those charges because they hit tourists harder than the locals.

But sooner or later, you will be a tourist. And they say you have the right to know some of the sneakier hotel charges that are, more or less, "tourist taxes."

* NON-USE FEES. Consumer Reports says some resorts will charge you a fee for the golf course or tennis courts even if you don't use them. Ask the resort up front if they do that.

* AUTOMATIC TIPS. Some resorts automatically charge a tip for staff, without allowing you the choice of how much to tip or whether to tip at all.

* CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT PENALTIES. They hit you with fees for checking in too early or leaving too late.

An easy solution to these tourist taxes: SPEAK UP! Protest the charges!

Consumer Reports Money Adviser says 10 to 20 percent of tourists who make noise about the charges get them reversed.

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