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Grammy-nominated songwriter, guest mentor on American Idol, unforgettable for her coming-of-age ballad “To Sir with Love,” British singer/songwriter/entertainer Lulu has had a top hit in every decade since her teens. At age 64, she’s currently belting out blues at iconic club venues to sell-out crowds...wowing them with her raw, gutsy sound and vivacious energy.

Lulu is also introducing Time Bomb skin care - which started out as her personal arsenal of anti-ageing formulas - to women on both sides of the pond who want to “win the war against ageing.”

Early on, Lulu realized that being in the spotlight required extra effort to always look her best. In herlate twenties and thirties, she became fanatically careful to take care of her health, body, and fair, vulnerable Scottish skin.

But sometime in her early 40’s, things changed and available products just didn’t deliver the results she wanted and needed.

She sought the help of Dr. Joe Cincotta, whom she had gotten to know when he was chief chemist for the globally-renowned hair care company co-founded by her ex-husband John Frieda and Gail Federici.

Searching for a truly effective eye cream, Lulu brought her product samples, ideas about ingredients and stories of disappointment to Dr. Joe. And he rose to the challenge! After formulating a unique, bespoke eye cream, Joe created an intensely moisturizing, non-greasy day cream and a plumping, renewing night cream for Lulu and Gail Federici.

Fast-forward through years of testing, trials and ultimate triumphs. Suddenly, Lulu was getting more media attention about her remarkably youthful skin than about her music; “Lulu looks better at 60 than she did in the sixties.” Recognizing the unique efficacy of the products, Gail Federici brought them to market.

Originally developed out of necessity as a private stash of age-defying “secret weapons,” Time Bomb was officially launched in 2007. More than a collection of youth-promoting face, body and hair care products, Time Bomb is a movement and a mindset, dedicated to helping women embrace optimism and unlimited potential, enjoy every stage of life and “age victoriously.”

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