Key mistakes people make at the gym -

Key mistakes people make at the gym

According to a health club industry study, over 45 million Americans have gym memberships, but many of them have no idea how to properly use the workout equipment.

Wellness expert Peggy Hall says she sees all kinds of exercise mistakes being made whenever she goes to the gym.

For example, on the stationary bicycles, a lot of people execute poor form. They have their shoulders hunched up around their ears, which leads to neck pain, and upper back pain. Or they might be slouching over the handlebars and that collapses the chest, constricts the flow of oxygen, which leads to reduced energy making you feel worse instead of better. My advice is to sit up straight. Pull your shoulders back and down. Keep your chin nice and parallel to the ground. Breathe deeply, and enjoy yourself. Exercise should not be punishment.

A common mistake people make on the treadmill is they have a death grip on the handrails. They're pulling themselves up using their upper body strength because the incline is too steep. What I recommend is lower the level of the incline, slow down the speed of the treadmill if you need to, and improve your posture by drawing your shoulders back. Keep in mind; never get off the treadmill while it's still running. Let it come to a complete stop, and then get off carefully.

It's important to learn how to use these machines correctly or you could put yourself and others in danger. Many places will give you free training sessions to get you up to speed on all the equipment. 

A good trick is to listen to music while you work out. Music can be a powerful motivator while you're exercising. Just make sure that the volume is not too loud because you don't want to put your hearing at risk.

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