Annoying workplace habits -

Annoying workplace habits

Sure, you get along with the people at work just fine. But let's face it, some of them might drive you a little crazy. The Cleveland Clinic reported on workplace pet peeves and here are the results. 

If you work in an office, you probably won't be surprised at some of the annoying behavior that made the list. Chewing with an open mouth, micro-managing and correcting people too much all really got under everyone's skin. 

But even worse than those - complaining.

Scott Bea is a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic, and he's not surprised.

"Here's the funny statistic," says Bea, "70% of American conversations are complaints anyway, so if we just listen up around the office, we're likely to hear some complaints about the working environment or co-workers."

The survey participants also complained about coworkers who interrupt and who say, "excuse me" all the time because they don't pay attention.

But that wasn't as bad as bare feet! And even more annoying is whispering – especially by their boss – because it makes people feel suspicious. Coming in as the second-worst habit that workers found tough to take, is strong smelling food in the microwave at lunch.

And topping the list as the number one behavior that bothers people the most – loud talking. 

Dr. Bea says everybody should find healthy ways to communicate about what's bugging them, before an annoyance gets them angry.

If you feel bothered by people's habits at work, don't forget to notice what they're doing right! Paying compliments when others deserve them might help you with more constructive criticism.

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