Study links poor drinking habits to poor eating habits -


Study links poor drinking habits to poor eating habits

Every calorie counts towards your daily intake, so don't forget about the liquid ones. On top of that, a new study suggests when we drink, we just don't eat right.

Rob Debreczeni was the poster child for the freshman 15 when he was in school. "I started probably at 185, 180, somewhere in that range," said Rob.

But cafeteria food was not the culprit for the weight gain. Rob said, "Sitting down and having five or six beers, I probably gained an easy 15 pounds."

He admitted to being a binge drinker in college. "Well, when I was in a fraternity, we had quite a few parties."

"Binge drinking is identified more when you have one setting of drinking at least five drinks or more and that can be sporadic, it can be a few times a year, or hopefully, it's not weekly or a regular basis," said Registered Dietitian Michelle Ray.

While Rob was enjoying all those beers, another habit led to his expanding waistline.

"[I] was eating all the junk food, eating all the potato chips and pretzels and going at two in the morning for pizza or a hamburger," said Rob.

A recent study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism connects binge drinking and extra weight.

"The alcohol intake will stimulate your appetite so you're more likely to consume foods while drinking, as much as 30 percent more calories," said Ray.

Depending on your drink of choice, an alcoholic beverage can contain anywhere from 100 calories in a serving up to 550 or more for a blended cocktail.

Registered Dietician Michelle Ray says the new information gives people a chance to be more aware.

As for Rob, he is now retired and committed to a healthier lifestyle. He says one glass of wine is enough.

"I feel much better. The weight comes off much easier and I feel a lot better because I'm not carrying that weight."

Experts recommend moderation. Here's their tip: Drink one glass of water before any glass of alcohol. Keep alternating that way and you will feel fuller, faster.

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