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Quick tips for cutting your energy costs

Andy Farmer bought his house in 2008. One of the first things he did was spray foam to seal the outlets. "There were gaps and the first winter we were here we could feel cool air coming through."

Then he installed foam gaskets to further seal the outlets. "That fits over the outlet, covers it up and you've got a good seal."

In addition, Andy uses a smart power strip for his entertainment center. When he shuts the TV off, it kills the power going into TV, plus all of the other components.

There's an extra port for things like a DVR that you wouldn't want to shut down. The smart strip only costs $20 to $30 - money that you could recoop in a year.

And for those of you out there who forget to change your air filter, Andy has the solution: Filter whistles. "You install this on your filter and once it reaches fifty percent block, it will start whistling."

One more tip: Many devices pull power even when they are turned off. A "Kill A Watt" will show you how much power you're using, letting you know which items should be unplugged when not in use.

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