Social media around the world -

Social media around the world

Actor Tom Cruise joined Russia's version of social networking called VK. China, South Korea, and Iran also have their own. That's one place Serena Ghaemizadeh reaches out to on a regular basis.

"I have family in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Iran - everywhere," says Serena.

Typically she uses Facebook but she knows sometimes her relatives use their own country's social networking sites. Strict government control can sometimes force them to find that alternative. This is especially true during times of protest and uproar. But Cyber Expert Theresa Payton says there are even more reasons.

"Other countries either have government limitations - bandwidth limitations or they may just have local interest and they may not want to be span out and be on an English based platform," says Payton.

Serena hasn't joined any of these foreign social sites like Tom Cruise did but she may one day. Especially because Theresa says it's something you might want to consider if you are high profile or if you company does a lot of business overseas.

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