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When daily weigh-ins backfire

When you are trying to lose weight, stepping on the scale is the last thing you want to do. Our wellness expert Peggy Halls tells us why daily weigh-ins can backfire.

It is so easy to allow that number on the scale to dictate our moods for the day. But that number can fluctuate because our weight fluctuates due to water retention and hormones. Even working out can cause that number to rise because our body is creating more blood volume to feed the growing muscles.

Hall suggests measuring your success with a measuring tape. "Every couple of weeks take your measurements and that will give you a better picture of your true progress. Also, you might want to have a goal outfit in a couple of sizes smaller and you can try that on from time to time as a motivator."

Don't neglect to measure your mental and emotional benefits as well. You can ask yourself 'do I have more energy? Do I feel better? Are my moods improved?  Do I feel stronger mind, body and spirit?'  That's the true measurement of a happy, healthy body.

Muscle weighing more than fat is a concept that most people get all wrong. If you think about it, one pound of muscle and one pound of fat weigh the same—one pound. But muscle tissue is denser, so it takes up less space. So a leaner, muscular person could weigh more than a soft and flabby person, but look better. That's why I don't recommend being a slave to the scale.

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