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Self-defense tips for women: What to do if you're attacked from behind

Every year, more than two million women in the U.S. are assaulted. Nelson Nio is an expert on self-defense and he explains how a woman should protect herself if she's ever grabbed from behind.

Nio says, "One of my students was attacked while exercising up and down the stairs by the beach, she felt it in her gut there's something wrong with this guy, but she just ignored it. She went down the stairs, he grabbed her and put her in a van and raped her."

So the first thing you want to do in any attack from anywhere is to drop your center of gravity and slide your feet out to widen your legs. Then grab the attackers hands in the middle and pull into your stomach as hard as you can. That may seem counter intuitive because you want to get away and not draw them closer to you. But the reason to draw the attacker closer is because it locks you in and does not allow you to be swung around.

From this position, you just shift your hip and strike the groin. Then face the attacker and rush into him. Control the center and put your forehead down so that the attacker can't see your face. Lock that position and then kick.

So the three things to remember: First, widen your legs to get a better center of gravity. Then, shift your hip and hit him where he's vulnerable - in the groin. Finally, wallop and pivot then kick him right between the legs.

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