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What to do if you run into a mountain lion

A hiker who encountered a mountain lion while hiking may have successfully avoided an attack by removing his sun glasses.

When approached by animals on the trails, you're supposed to wave your arms and make a lot of noise.

That's what one hiker did but it wasn't working. It turned out that his sunglasses made the difference between life and death.

"The mountain lion was asleep and startled by his approach, moved off about 15 yards, and then started to move toward the hiker," said Mark Hart with Game and Fish.

The hiker yelled at the cat and waved his arms. The animal continued to approach until the man took off his sun glasses.

"They eye contact basically sends a message that I'm not afraid, I'm going to stand my ground, and if you'll notice, I'm bigger than you."

It's unclear if the hiker's direct eye contact is the reason the mountain lion decided to turn away, but other hikers should take note.

"It's worth a try though, if they're not going away," said Guy Petersen.

"That's something new to me and very interesting," hiker Kevin Johnson said.

"In their eyes, we're animals, and animals stare each other down," another hiker, Liz Kinsworthy said.

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