Getting rid of gift cards you don't want or need -


Getting rid of gift cards you don't want or need

Do you have a drawer full of unused gift cards because you don't go to that store often? Well they are just like cash so, what should you do with them?

If you're not going to use them, money expert Nathan Bachrach says you can sell them online. Websites like Plastic Jungle and Cardpool allow you to buy and sell gift cards. You typically recoup about 70% to 95% of the face value.

You will get more money from cards that appeal to a large group of consumers.

Another option? Give them to someone who will use them. Your mom may say re-gifting is tacky, but remember - cards are like money and there's nothing tacky about giving money.

A final idea: Bachrach says you could give the card to charity. Many charities would love to have gift cards to buy supplies or for fundraiser's.

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