Financial planning is complex, but necessary to enjoy retirement -


Financial planning is complex, but necessary to enjoy retirement

Recent data shows less than half of working Americans know how much money they need for retirement. Financial planning is more complex than ever.

Retirement can be enjoyable if you plan for it financially. Mark Kiblinger and his wife started saving long ago so he could retire.

Mark says, "I really started mostly after college and really before my wife and I were married."

He and his family of six lived within their means and had to look past dinners out and vacations. But even after reaching a relaxing age, he knows life can still throw a financial curve ball.

"We didn't plan on our youngest son getting accepted to medical school," says Mark.

To plan for retirement, Kiblinger chose a financial planner 30 years ago and stuck with him.

Tyler Cuba, Kiblinger's financial planner says, "today the retirement planning is a lot more difficult than just putting your money in investments and hoping for the best. There's no one size fits all for everyone on how to plan for retirement."

He says there are a lot of things and years to think about. Things change, like technology and the economy. While some people used to put money for retirement towards a certificate of deposit, now that might not be the answer.

Early is best, but Tyler says it's never too late to start saving.

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