Lulu shares fashion accessory tips with Leeza -


Lulu shares fashion accessory tips with Leeza

If the endless amount of fashion accessories out there has left you feeling lost, don't worry! America Now host Leeza Gibbons recently got some awesome accessory advice from British pop icon Lulu!

She's been a singer, songwriter and entertainer for almost 50 years and Lulu still rocks the house with her sense of style. Lulu says being fashion-savvy about accessories is not just what pieces you choose to wear, but how you wear them. Leeza spoke with Lulu recently.

"I love anything that sparkles and shines, and Lulu you are my soul sister in this regard," says Leeza, "You have a great line of jewelry that's about layering. Can we talk about layering.

"Just say in the daytime you're wearing a black top," says Lulu, "You know, you got your black pants on, and a pair of black flats, and you're running around. You gotta get out tonight, but you've got no time. What do you do to make it pop? I would layer. These are three necklaces I would put on top. Then roll my sleeves up, put heels on with that, I would actually not wear earrings, but I would for instance, wear the ring you have on. And it makes you pop. And I think if you wear a ring like this you've gotta have a little bit of confidence, a bit of swagger."

Remember Lulu's accessory tips are all about making simple, yet eye-catching statements:

  1. Layer chains or bracelets. 
  2. Don't overdo it and wear too much all at once. 
  3. Be selective and use interesting pieces.

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