Secure your home before leaving for vacation -


Secure your home before leaving for vacation

You can't always be there to defend it, but there are ways to monitor your home even when you're away.

Debra Childs has a surveillance camera guarding her home. The camera can tilt, pan, take pictures and can be accessed from anywhere.

She says, "you don't know when something might happen. It's just a precaution I think."

Brandon Mayfield says many people are using a newer cell phone app. It allows you to turn on and turn off your alarm system and control appliances like lighting, thermostat setting and the locks on your doors.

He says, "if your house is being burglarized you get an instantaneous notification via text or email, almost faster than the monitoring center can even call you."

That can cost you $40 a month with a contract to hundred of dollars without one. So, if you're not looking to spending much you can always go back to the basics. If you go out of town, stop delivery of your mail or have someone pick it up, don't let your newspapers pile up, make sure you lock your doors and windows. And do your best to fool the burglars into thinking someone was home.

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