The benefits of once-a-week treatments for breast cancer -


The benefits of once-a-week treatments for breast cancer

Radiation oncologist Anthony Dragun is leading the way with a new treatment protocol that's beating cancer by decreasing radiation treatment sessions.

According to patient Brenda Morris, "Given the option of one day a week versus five days a week came very easy for me."

Radiation is the gold standard following an early stage breast cancer lumpectomy. Without it, the risk of recurrence is at least 40 percent.

Dr. Dragun said, "Not many of them actually follow through and get it. And what we've found is about a third of them, over about a ten year period, didn't get it."

And for reasons that may surprise you. Ninety percent of those women surveyed had insurance. Dragun adds, "Insurance doesn't necessarily mean access. If gas if $4 a gallon and you live 40 miles away from the nearest cancer center, you've got to drive back and forth every day for six weeks."

Access also impacted by childcare, and women simply afraid to take off from work. So Dr. Dragun introduced a protocol already practiced in the United Kingdom and Canada with great success: Stronger treatments once a week instead of daily.

And thanks to technology that's more accurate, in studies so far, there's been no higher risk of recurrence or side effects.

The once a week therapy also costs less - fewer co-pays or out of pocket expense. And the best part, according to Brenda Morris: "Right now, cancer free."

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